26 February 2005

Don hearts Prague!

Don convinced me that we should walk around the city to see things today, instead of using the Metro. Great idea. We found the greatest buildings and places. We explored a residential neighborhood close to my dorm and found an awesome apartment building. Ate an apricot kolac from the neighborhood bakery. Very good! Found good coffee shop as well. Walked to Prague castle [was closer than I thought]. Don loved St. Vitus Cathedral! And the castle, and everything we saw! Crossed the Charles Bridge, walked around Old Town and City Center. Got lost in upscale shopping district. Found way back. Hung out with Scots for a little while.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cole! I hope you and Don are having a great time. Tell him hi for me. Thanks for the B-day card. Brad and I were talking about how much we miss you and Don. Wish you could have been here too, but how awesome to be in Prague with your boy!


Alexis said...

Wow, glad you're having fun!