21 February 2005


Sunday_In bed most of day with migraine. Sleep schedule so screwy. Tiffany brought home some food and water. Always good. Also, cleaning supplies. Our room was filthy! Clean now!

Monday [today] _ Orientation meeting in morning. Joined International Student club. Made journey to international police station, as we are supposed to register with them soon after arriving. Was extremely crowed, I imagine like Ellis Island must have been at the height of immigration. Not very pleasant. Some people didn't have all necessary documents, and we were hungry, so decided to go back tomorrow. Rode train to south west edge of Prague to go to IKEA! It was all that I expected it to be, and more! [IKEA is a Scandinavian company that sells well-designed furniture and housewares at uncomparably cheap prices!] It's wonderful. www.ikea.com Tiffany and I decided to outfit our rather sparse dorm room with some non-fluorescent lights, a rug, blanket, and some other trinkets. Will have hard time not buying things, especially large pieces that I can't transport home! 30 minute ride on Metro back to dorm. International student party and dinner. Talked to some guys we met from Slovenia the other night, a couple girls from Greece, some more Americans from Wisconsin, and some Scottish guys! I think the Scottish have the best accents, by far! You can say anything and it sounds cool! Tiffany and I rode the Metro to Tesco, Czechs equivalent to Walmart. Spent $9 and bought following items_bottle of Reisling wine [Hungarian], 3 L of water, small water bottle, 5 yogurts, 5 breakfast bars, 2 bags chips, pudding, a chocolate egg, butter, and jam. That would be at least $30 at home, probably more! Excellent! On the way there, some drunk Czech guy started mumbling in Czech to Tiffany. She tried to explain that she didn't speak Czech, "nemluvim cesky" but he didn't get it. All in all, the Metro is pretty safe, I would say much safer than the EL in Chicago, but there's always a few characters.

Bonus_I determined I made an excellent decision with the laptop/messenger bag that I purchased. A bottle of wine fits in one of the side pockets! Infact, I could carry 2 bottles at once. That's what I call smart shopping!

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