28 February 2005

Old Bohemian Spit

Monday_decided not to check out any of the classes today. Went to pastry shop and coffee shop again. Went out for beer with the Scots and some of the KSU boys. Found an amazing restaurant and had delectable pasta dish. They had a traditional Czech menu item called "Old Bohemian Spit." Why would I order that when I could get it at home? All I would have to do is call Grandpa. Ha! Also had a few beers with the friends. Don and Tanner ran off somewhere. Might go to a class tomorrow. It is possible that my classes might only be on Wed and Thurs. Don't know how that works. I guess it's a Czech thing. Maybe I'll teach an English language class. Who knows.

Sunday_Went to see the "Dancing House," a building by architect Frank Gehry [Guggenheim in Bilbao, Walt Disney Concert Hall]. Very cold out! Rode metro to IKEA and bought more stuff! Don and I both ate in their cafe for $6. And it was delicious! Ate at restaurant close to dorm with Tiffany. Had chocolate mousse for desert. Also very delicious.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Nicole! Why didn't I think of that?! Eat your way through Europe!!! Sounds like a delicious plan! Keep having a blast! Lots of love! ~Charis

Nicole said...

Ha! Well, I think most people who know me well know that I love food! So, clearly I'm going to talk about the awesome food! Thanks for the note, Charis.