19 February 2005

Prague & Czech Pivo!

Here and finally having a good time! Flights were crummy, especially to Detroit. Forced to check a carry-on in KC. Didn't sleep at all. Arrived in Prague and my small bag was not there. Baggage claim said it would arrive at 4pm and asked if I wanted to wait at the airport or have it delivered. I opted for delivery. Tiffany and I met our Czech buddies who took us on the bus to our dorm from the airport. Checked into our dorm, toured campus, ate our first Czech meal_breaded chicken breast with fried potatoe balls and fresh veggies. Czech carrots are very good [i don't usually like raw carrots]. Took a nap. Woke up, went down to front desk to ask if my bag had arrived. He said the man was just here 5 minutes ago, but he had no record of me in the computer, so he told him I didn't live there. Crap. Tiffany and I ordered our first Czech meal by ourselves_I had pork medallions with mushrooms in cream sauce. If you want water without bubbles, be sure to specify voda bez bublinek. Otherwise, it will be carbonated! Front desk called room and said that my bag had arrived. Ran downstairs, but wasn't my bag. Double crap. Called company and they said they could deliver it in the morning. Bedtime.

Slept 12 hours, no bag yet at 12 pm. Bag arrives hour later. [Not morning!] Showered!!!!!!!! Czech buddies Michael and Michael took us to pub across from dorm. Ate beef goulash and dumplings_nothing like "goulash" I had at home [no pasta, no tomatoes, just beef brisket in brown sauce]. Also, still water! No bubbles. Very good! Very heavy! I hope my affinity for traditional Czech food doesn't get the better of me! I think the hills and stairs will help combat that! Rode subway and streetcar to Prague Castle. Saw first authentic gothic cathedral_St. Vitus Cathedral! SO BEAUTIFUL! Could see all of Prague from outside of castle! So beautiful. Crossed Charles Bridge as night was falling. Turned around and saw Prague castle lit up. Amazing. Went to mall. Felt very at home! Bought cell phone. Returned to dorm and went with group to a discotheque_Lucerna Music Bar. It was 80's night and I don't think I've ever heard so many bad American songs in one night. Requirements for dancing in Czech disco_rhythm and "dancing skills" or talent not required! Very funny. Drank Pilsner Urquell beer for first time in Prague! [Thanks Randi Sue!] Came home on subway and bought snacks at convenience store.


Alexis said...

i wish i was in prague. i miss ya already!! haha. buy me presents! love ya, al

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Nicole said...

what are you complaining about? i said as social life permits.