22 February 2005

Red Prague

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For best results, read aloud with Slavic accent!
Woke up, waited for shower. Constant and heavy snow ALL day. Sat in dark room to learn about classes and enrollment procedure. Don't have to decide until 18 March. Hopefully class Tues, Wed, Thurs. Bought minutes for cell phone. Ordered sandwich from cute old lady at deli_"Shank you velly much." Mayonnaise weird with stuff in it_onions, capers, boiled eggs. Red peppers on everything_cheap flavor. Gross. Non-restaurant meals might cause weight loss! Rode streetcar to International Police office. Stood in line in completely unorganized government office. Harrassed and pushed by foreign, sometimes smelly strangers. Leave with stamped passport. Get onto streetcar again. Streetcar stops_all streetcars stop. There's been a wreck. Get off streetcar and walk to nearest metro station. Retrieve Tiffany's lost cell phone. Rest.
Go to Tesco to purchase blow-dryer, hangers, baskets, non-feather pillow. Rude cashier doesn't like my signature_doesn't exactly match the card. Shoves receipt at me and makes me sign again. I guess the second time was good enough, but she was MAD. First rude Czech. [That I'm not related to, anyway] Tiffany buys adaptor to plug in her computer. The picture is of the FIVE outlets she had to use in order to plug it all in and not blow up her laptop. There's a buzzing noise eminating from them. I'm sure it's safe!
International Student Meeting. Really informative_don't pee out of dorm windows like American guys in picture. Classy. Sign up to visit Pilsner Urquell brewery in Plzen, Czech Republic tomorrow! Will drink beer out of wooden barrel! And visit nearby castle. Pictures to follow.
Ate at cafeteria in dorm. Accidentally order weird stir-fry chicken and rice dish. [International student dorm menu not in english_please explain this to me!] However, did realize that I could order a kolac(e). Tried first kolac here. It had a dollop of cream cheese filling, one of poppy seed [mom's fav!] and one of cherry or some kind of berry. I think I will try one at a real bakery to see how they are there. It was good, but the ones at home are tastier. Will share results. Also looking forward to alleged chocolate croissants at local bakery! Chocolate + croissant = 2 major weaknesses! Maybe = large Nicole.

Today's revelations_
Czech is a worthless language, even in the Czech Republic. When you use words in the phrase book, they still don't know what you're talking about because they can't even understand each other. Better off pointing and nodding and using limited phrases.

Even though CR hasn't been communist for 10 or so years, it acts like a communist country_lines for everything, no organization, no consistency. Lots of cheap food and cheap seasoning. Not that flavorful. TONS of potatoes. Nobody seems to know anything about everything.

[i think you call this culture shock, but whatever]

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