25 February 2005

Semply wonderful

Went to party last night with Tiffany, Molly, Abby, Paul, and Garnet. The party was for a girl from Australia who is leaving. Paul knew her, we didn't. He seems to know everybody. Party was at the flat of some international students. Drank Staropramen and Sangria. Talked to some Norwegians, told them my boyfriend was studying in Finland. They proceeded to tell me why Norway is so much better than Finland. I guess there are those kinds of guys everywhere you go. [As if I hadn't heard THAT ONE before!] One guy was telling Abby she was the first American girl he'd ever met. She didn't fall for that line either. Ran to meet tram just in time. By the way, Tiff, Molly and Abby are all from KSU, and Garnet is from New Orleans. Paul is the Scottish friend. Ate smazeny syr [fried cheese] on the way home. Called Mom when we got back at 2:45 am [7:45 pm at home].

Best of all, Don is coming today to visit for 8 days! Hopefully I don't get lost on the way to the airport. And, I hope I know enough about Prague that we'll have some places to visit!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole!

We're enjoying your web site! Now, don't do anything that Grandma or Grandpa wouldn't do!

Tell Don, HI!! I am sure you'll find plenty of things to do while he is visiting! Tell him I haven't seen any new e-mails from him for a week or two! Must mean he is busy!

Love, Grandma & Grandpa

Alexis said...

Well Well Well... if it isn't another blog post. it gets addictive doesn't it? i TOLD you! haha, sounds like you're having a SWEET time! I'm glad. Buy me things. Like presents. and other presents. just a lot of presents, really. hope you're having a good time with don. tell him i said hi. and that, i too, have not been recieving his emails. i cry myself to sleep every night. LOVE YA!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole!

This is from your favorite Finn. The Norwegians don't know a thing. Seems like you have settled in and having a great time. Waiting for to see you soon.

Remember, beware of the Norwegians.