20 March 2005


Picked my mom up at the airport this morning. She's staying for a week. Thanks for the Thin Mints, Julia! They're delightful! Finished my collage for photography class. Have some more homework to do. Mom is napping.
Sat_Worked on collage. Went to Mexican restaurant 'Hombre del Mundo' with Tanner and Adam. Skipped out on Sangria Saturday.
Fri_Laundry day. Spent $16 to wash and dry 3 loads.

American luxuries_Dryers and cheap laundry, ice in drinks, free water and bread at restaurants, quilted toilet paper, ranch dressing, peanut butter, deoderant costing less than $8, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Swiffer dusters, numbered streets, free take out box after your meal, 24-hour stores, grounded power outlets
Czech luxuries_honey cake, cheap beer=delicious beer, public transportation, student discounts, food w/out preservatives, fresh bread, goulash, boulevard crocodille sandwiches, good cheap wine, Bohemia Sekt champagne, dumplings

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