07 March 2005


Went to class today! Picked a studio. I think it will be good. Urban design instead of architecture, so hopefully I'll learn a little something. My Finnish flatmates made pancakes [more like crepes] for all of us last night. By the way, I don't know if I've mentioned my flatmates. Tiffany, of course, is in Interior Architecture at KSU and I knew her before I came. We flew here together. Sarah and Miika are from Finland [girlfriend and boyfriend] and were here last semester. She studies architecture and he studies electrical engineering. Savanna and Lisa are both from KSU but are in Engineering, so Tiffany and I didn't know them before we came. All very, very nice people. Miika was a chef for a year or so, and cooks often. The other night, Don and I were talking to the Finns about Finland and various subjects. So, I've gotten to know them a little better. Really like them. But, I haven't met a Finn I didn't like!

And...Laine, answer your phone!

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