21 March 2005

Collette, your lovely tour guide

So I've officially become a Prague tour expert in only a month. Pretty impressive, if you ask me! I took Mom to see the castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Church of St. Nicholas, Charles Bridge, and to eat at Klub Architektu. I'm trying to teach her the subway system and how to get places, so that tomorrow morning she can venture out while I'm at class. Hope she comes back. Anyway, we're having a good time and she's enjoying Prague. Even with pictures, it is hard to imagine how beautiful Prague really is. It's a great city. I'm so glad I chose to study here.
Mom and I were also noticing how some of our relatives have many Czech features_Carl, Francis, George, Aunt Hazel, Henrietta. They would fit in like natives here! And, for those who don't have such strong Czech physical features, luckily, I'm pretty sure that the ability to BS and enjoy the beer is a Bohunk quality! So good news for Tom, Charlie, Dan, Chuck, Dale, Travis, etc., etc! That clearly was not lost through any evolution or genetics.
I had photography class today. A girl named Laura (I think she's Lithuanian) invited me to go to some dance classes with her. I'll have to check it out. She was really sweet. Anyway, time for me to watch a movie.

105. Some days I only eat foods in the chocolate and sugar food groups.

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Nicole said...

For those of you who are not familiar with her, Collette is an alter-ego of mine. She emerged during a long road trip to Wyoming at age 9. She speaks with a mild French accent and is a thoroughly entertaining guide!