27 March 2005

Daylight Savings?

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Happy Easter! And daylight savings time in Europe. We abruptly found out this morning that Europe does, indeed, have daylight savings time, just like the States. However, Europe decides they like to start it a week early. So, for the next week, I will be 8 hours ahead of Central time, until you slow pokes catch up. Hey, one time in my life where I'm early! That's amazing!
The Czech Republic, like a large part of Europe, isn't that religious [mostly because of the involvement of the Church with the Nazis, etc.]. Here, for Easter, they have church service and all that stuff, but they also have some of their own traditions_boys braid together willow switches called 'pomlozka' and go around knocking on doors with these switches. The people in the house give the boys candy. Also, sometimes the boys hit the girls on the legs with the switches, and it is supposed to make the girls prettier. I find this highly unlikely. What do the girls get out of this, you ask [besides the 'opportunity' to become better lookin']? Pretty much welts on their legs are the prize. Sometimes they get candy. Talk about stupid. So, for those of you who thought Americans had completely perverted Easter with that bunny, at least we don't beat little girls. And, tomorrow is 'Easter Monday.' There are no classes, and most places are closed. In conclusion, back home, all you suckers have to work tomorrow, and are still on standard time.

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