09 March 2005

First Impressions

Well, I joined Facebook yesterday. Didn't think I would, but it is actually fun. I even found out some things about people I hadn't seen in awhile. So I guess that's cool. [For those of you who are not in the college loop, facebook is a type of online directory for college students. You post a profile, join groups of people who have similar interests, add friends to your list, and communicate with any of those people. I initially thought it was an online dating service mostly for greeks, but it is what you make it.]

Things I'm learning about Prague_

The city is in the process of revitalizing many areas, similar to almost all US cities. The potential is really quite high. It will be interesting to see how things pan out in the future. Several of my classes are examining issues of planning and redevelopment in various areas of the city that were abondoned after communism. Perhaps the face and feel of the city will start to make a drastic change.

There ARE friendly Czechs, and Europeans DO smile. 2 rumors that I heard and have determined false. I think it's like any place_there are friendly and helpful people and rude jerks everywhere. Although some initial mannerisms or ways of interacting are different, we're all pretty much the same. [Perhaps I'm getting over that whole 'culture shock' thing]

Cities are like antiques_it takes a little dirt and wear to make them really charming.

Perception can often become your reality. Attitude is, indeed, everything.

Staying with a host family would have been a great experience. Although I am glad that I am meeting so many students, perhaps my initial impression would have been different. I'm glad I am living someplace that is quite different than home. For a couple of days, I was pretty unsure. But I really appreciate the diversity of the students, and the changes that I'm forced to deal with.

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