26 March 2005

Good Friday

Rotunda at Vysehrad
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On Friday mom and I went to Vysehrad and walked around for a little bit. I took this picture of a cute little rotunda chapel that's up there. We looked in the cemetery to see if we had any rich relatives buried there. Pretty sure there aren't any. Not a big surprise. Then, we grabbed a sandwich in a little cafe and bought some chocolates! We returned to Le Patio, a home decor store, and mom bought a cool little bowl, I purchased some tea cups for myself! Went back to dorm and rested awhile. Went back out to H&M, a world-wide chain clothing store, cheap clothes, decent quality, and each bought some cute stuff. It's my replacement for Gap, I've decided! Then we ate at the pizza and pasta place close to the dorm. It was a good day.
Took mom to the airport this morning. Came back and napped. Started some laundry here in the dorm facilities. Am trying to do the European thing and live without fluff-dryed clothing. Not all of it, but some. Certain things must be fluffed! Will need to stock up on food, because everything is closed on Monday [Easter Monday] here. Probably will do some other productive things today, but haven't determined what those will be.

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