30 March 2005

How to Speak Czech

Met my new language partner today for our first 'lesson.' He is a Czech student named Radim, who wants to practice his English skills. And I would like to be able to understand when Czech is spoken to me. His English is already quite good, but he wants to improve. So we take walks and converse. Pretty simple. Today we went to Petrin Hill, where the hunger wall and Prague's mini Eiffel tower are. Also to Strahov Stadium. I realize this means nothing to most of you, but it was a new area of Prague for me. It was fun. I think we are going to try to meet every week. The Spanish presentation was tonight. They did an excellent job and it was a very funny presentation. In addition to making fabulous Sangria, they had a Caballero band come and play for us. Quite the show!

A quick lesson on the Czech language_they say you know how to speak Czech if you can say this phrase_ 'Jedno pivo, prosim.' Which means, 'One beer, please.' It is pronounced yed-no pee-vo pro-seem. If you can say this, you can communicate with the Czechs.

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Anonymous said...

Nicole - Gayle and I enjoy your updates. Even though you have done a pretty good job of convincing us of truth #1. (Just kidding)

One of the nice things about daughters is that they are better about staying in touch.

Thanks. ....Don & Gayle