17 March 2005

i heart blog

Let's see, where did I leave off? Wednesday Tanner and I went to visit our project site for studio. It is in a southern area of Prague. Took some pictures while we were down there. We also went to Vysehrad castle [pronounced veesh-e-hrad, i don't have those Czech accent keys]. Prague has 2 castles, and I've been learning about them and the history of how Prague formed in one of my classes. Anyway, Vysehrad is like a little city up on a hill. The castle walls still remain, and it's almost like a really big park with some pretty buildings. The cemetary is beautiful, plus there's a cathedral and some statues. The best part is the view and the walking trail that follows the perimeter of the entire complex. You get a 360 degree view of Prague! And there's very few tourists. By the way, tourist season in Prague officially began this past weekend. Mobs of people. So that was a good day. And the weather was beautiful! Tanner & I also had lunch in a very non-tourist restaurant [only Czech menu & cheap prices]. We were proud. Tiffany and I made grilled cheese sandwiches with ranch dressing for Scottish friends Paul and Stephen. Stephen called the ranch 'liquid heaven.'
Today I went to studio and Restoration and Conservation. And I 'enrolled'. I put this in quotes because everything's on paper. Real official, I'm sure! Then I napped, ate, and wrote in the blog. That's basically it.
Oh, and for those of you who are curious, 'ERASMUS' is the name of the European exchange program here. The Euros throw it around all the time, and my Scottish friends decided to modify the meaning. We now use it to replace 'dorky' or something that is questionable and/or very 1980's. Hence, Erasmus curtain.


Randi Knott said...

Ahh, finally a cute little picture of Nicole (for those of us that are not moved to tears or get goosebumps at the sight of a building). We want to see more of you in your pics! I was thoroughly impressed with your list, number 31 in particular. I was just telling Justin how well you can entertain me when I am reading your stuff. It's great stuff, and brings a little smile to my day.

don said...

your such a hipster/nerd.