24 March 2005

Kutna Hora

Nancy & Nicole in Kutna Hora
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Yesterday was a great day. We rode the bus to Kutna Hora, the town that our Votapka ancestors are from. We walked 20 minutes to the village of Sedlec, where some ancestors lived. Saw the grave of a possible relative, Grandma is researching. Also took pictures of the houses where relatives lived (or are on the same lot where they once were). Visited the Bone Chapel, an ossuary right next door to the houses. When the surrounding cemetary became too full, some half-blind monk dug up the bones and decorated a church with them. I think there are bones from 40,000 people. I am probably related to some. There's a chandelier made from each of the 206 bones in the human body. It was weird. Then we walked through Kutna Hora to the Cathedral of St. Barbara, which I read is the most beautiful gothic cathedral in Central/Eastern Europe. I would agree, it was amazing! Larger than St. Vitus, and more ornate. Glad we got to see the inside. Very cool. Mom bought some items made by Czech artists at store, then we walked back to the bus station and rode to Prague. I will probably return while I am here, because I understand that there are some more family graves in another cemetery. Maybe it sounds weird, but it is kinda cool to actually see where you came from.

Mom and I are shopping today. Went to 2 stores this morning, one of which was a delightful surprise! A shop that sells hand-printed textiles that are fabulous! I fear they will make quite a profit from me. It's a weakness! Went to studio in the morning and my teacher wasn't there. I attempted to go to Restoration & Conservation this afternoon, but was slightly late, due to the shopping excursion, and found an empty classroom. Oh well! Guess that leaves more time for shopping! It's a gorgeous day out today, so the rest of the afternoon should be great for walking around.

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