11 March 2005


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Was feeling introspective today and realized that some of you don't know me that well. I feel like sharing, and there hasn't been much happening. Except snow. This could be long, so if you're busy, you might want to come back. Or grab a snack.

1. I'm pretty weird. I may seem normal at first, but I'm not really.
2. Shirley Temple is not only my favorite 'drink' but she's also one of my favorite movie stars.
3. I looked like her when I was little. And I can tap dance.
4. I'm not an athlete. Dance was my only 'sport' except that one summer I played softball. I had ONE hit all season.
5. My internal time-clock is not synchronized with the world. My sense of time is extremely innacurate, perhaps non-existant.
6. I knew I wanted to be an architect at age 12.
7. The options before that were punk rocker, astronaut, pediatrician, professional ballerina_in that order.
8. I suffer from road rage.
9. I can waste time/stall like no one else. My mother calls me 'Queen Dilly-Dally'
10. I rarely go to bed before 1:00 am. Unless I'm sick or exhausted.
11. Sometimes I don't pay attention, to anything.
12. I have Attention Deficit Disorder. Truly and seriously, ask my doctor.
13. I think 13 is a lucky number. I was born on April 13.
14. I am an only child and glad.
15. I'm better at sharing than most people with siblings.
16. I am most impressed by hard work, passion, a genuine personality, and selfless spirit.
17. I am unimpressed by 'prestige', status, fickle-ness, selfish motives, and the status-quo.
18. In my family, it is more important to love what you do in life than to make money or impress others. If you aren't passionate and proud of your job, there's no point in doing it. Life is too short to be disengaged and mediocre.
19. I also can't stand fake people. A false personality bothers me to the point that I will disassociate myself with the person, regardless of who they are.
20. I love Reisling wine! I will drink it like water. Reilly's father, Don, is responsible.
21. I used to be a very stressed person. I had nervous breakdowns several times in high school.
22. Now, there's not much that I think is worth the stress. Pretty much nothing bothers me. Except fake people.
23. I am turning into my mother. I'm already there in many ways.
24. I don't really look like either of my parents. I look most like my dad's sister, Sherry and her twin brother, Terry.
25. I get along better with boys than most girls. I am often the only girl in a group.
26. Mashed potatoes are my favorite.
27. I have eaten ice cream or cookie dough as a meal on more than one occassion.
28. I love drawing wall sections and details. I view it as putting together a puzzle or set of instructions for a building.
29. I hate math.
30. English is my best subject and always has been.
31. Someday, I would like to be an architectural journalist and author.
32. I have no desire to design luxury homes, skyscrapers, or hotels.
33. My brain/thought patterns are extremely random. I change subjects at the drop of a hat without realizing that most people don't follow me.
34. Many times I speak before thinking. Although the response is always honest, sometimes I am too blunt for most people.
35. Thanks to modern medicine, I tend to do this less now than I did in say, high school.
36. I can also be so quick witted that rooms of people burst into laughter.
37. The older I get, the less-judgemental I find myself. I also find that personality matters more to me than any other quality.
38. I am pretty anal-retentive. I used to be worse, as in border-line obsessive compulsive.
39. I am an extrovert, through and through. I love talking to people and listening to people.
40. Infact, I just love talking. Get me started and it's hard to stop me.
41. There are some days when I don't feel like talking at all. Those are rare.
42. I love school. I find that I am interested in more classes than I have time to take.
43. Sometimes I stay in my pajamas all day. I prefer them to regular clothes.
44. I hate filth and sometimes clean to avoid doing other activities/tasks.
45. Clutter doesn't phase me.
46. I don't forget appointments, people, and most other things.
47. My closest friends are some of the greatest people on earth. I have known almost all of them for most of my life, or at least almost half of it.
48. I was a bossy child.
49. My parents are extremely opposite people. I share about half the qualities of each.
50. My strange humor comes from my dad, my sarcasm from my mom.
51. The rest is kind of strange, and not everyone 'gets it.'
52. If I designed greeting cards, they would have a specific market with other crazy people.
53. I love the new tv show "Committed" because it is extremely similar to my sense of humor. I also like 'Dharma & Greg.'
54. I hate getting in trouble and was always afraid to as a child.
55. It took me several years to realize when no one would know if I was breaking a rule.
56. I can be extremely impatient.
57. Inconsiderate people annoy me.
58. I've never cared whether or not people like me. I figure it's not my problem if someone doesn't.
59. I was in band for 7 years. I played 5 instruments.
60. I wear a size 6 shoe.
61. I love to sing really loudly and badly to country songs in the car.
62. I'm allergic to most of God's green creation.
63. I don't really like out-of-doors activities, mostly for this reason.
64. I hate getting nice clothes dirty.
65. I also hate being unprepared. I usually have everything I need, like a boy scout.
66. I was in 4-H but not for animals. I was in sewing, cooking, art, interior decorating, and cake decorating.
67. I love to eat and therefore I cook alot. I have also perfected many cookie recipes because I LOVE sweets!
68. My mother never bought soda when I was a child, so I am very caffeine sensitive.
69. No matter how many times I asked for one, my parents never bought me a Nintendo. I think I'm better off for not having one.
70. When I have children, I won't buy them one either. Yes, you can save this as proof, too.
71. I started learning to golf because I had a monster crush on Tiger Woods.
72. I have yet to golf a hole, let alone 9.
73. I have a golf bag, glove, and hodge-podge set of clubs.
74. I think the bagpipe is one of the most unpleasant sounds known to man.
75. Architecture school requires more sacrifice than I want to give most times. I regret that I have missed out on several important events for family and friends. At the same time, there are some things I refuse to miss. Those people will be around longer than I will be in school and are more important.
76. I don't think an ego is a necessary architectural skill.
77. Like most architecture students, I previously thought that creating beautiful buildings was the most important goal for an architect.
78. The most important goal for me, as an architect, is to improve the lives of people who really deserve it. I have no desire to help rich people waste money building monuments to themselves.
79. I hate asparagus, beets, coleslaw, pork rinds, Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper.
80. There's always room for dessert. Always.
81. I prefer to be classic rather than trendy. If I buy into a popular fad, it's because I genuinely like it.
82. Buildings move me to tears. They also give me goosebumps.
83. I had a mental list of all the qualities of an ideal guy. I decided to date Don [Reilly] because he possessed every single one.
84. He still meets all those requirements, and helped me add a few more to the list.
85. My mother is the most selfless person I know. She might argue this, but she's a saint.
86. If I can make a difference in as many lives as she has, I will consider my life a success.
87. Grumpy old people make me laugh and scare me at the same time.
88. I was at my strangest from ages 12-15, thus far in life, anyway.
89. My best friend, Alexis, was also her strangest at this age, and that's when we spent all our time together. If you knew us then, I think you would agree, we were crazy.
90. If I could travel back in time, I would be a hippie. No fooling.
91. I think the most important part of college is growing up and learning about yourself. And preparing to be a self-sufficient, contributing adult.
92. I have little self-discipline. I will only do what I need to and wait until the last minute.
93. I work best under pressure.
94. When I decide to do something, I do it, and little can stop me. This is how I read the most books and sold the most tickets, got an architecture internship and college scholarships. So, I guess I have motiviation that initiates self-discipline.
95. I have never seen 'Star Wars' and have no desire to.
96. I used to plan every little part of life. After several disappointments, I realized there's no point. Now I just live life.
97. I used to get really homesick in Manhattan. Home is 1 hour away. I'm better now.
98. I secretly like it when people make me deal with things instead of doing it for me.
99. Graduating, getting a job, moving away and being an adult scares me. Paying my own insurance terrifies me.
100. I can be horribly indecisive. This one took me 10 minutes to decide.


Anonymous said...

#55 - Oh, what a wonderful thing for a parent to hear!  
#94 - the following needs to be added: learning how to put on my snow pants by myself when I was 18 months old.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you also potty trained yourself in one weekend at the age of 19 months!