22 March 2005

Oh Czech Republic, How I Love Your Lack of a System

Mom and I went to the Museum of the Decorative Arts today. We saw dishes, clothing, textiles, some furniture, and art, among other items. Some pieces dated to the 3rd century, but most were from the 5th century to the 19th. Pretty cool stuff. There were embroidered pieces from 1400 to 1800 that were absolutely exquisite. Also a quilt with stitches so tiny and intricate you couldn't see them. One of the coolest things is that the museum is right next to the Old Jewish Cemetery, and you can see a large part of it through the window. It's so amazing. I know I keep talking about this place, but I haven't shown any pictures. I promise to go into it and take pictures to show.
After the museum, we met my friend Tanner (KSU) to go to the bus station and buy a ticket to go to Kutna Hora tomorrow. Here's how the ticket purchasing adventure went: Walk into building with almost 20 purchase windows. Look at timetables posted to see if we can figure out which window to buy the tickets. Choose a window, lady says that you can't purchase tickets at her window, must go to window across the hall. Give bus number and time to man at second window. He looks it up on the computer. "This bus is not in the computer. I'm sorry. Goodbye." I try to ask him for help where I can find out about it. He offers none. Frustrated and flustered, we stand around for a little while and try to decide what to do. Get in line again and ask to buy bus ticket to Kutna Hora, no specific number. Woman tells me to go back to the first window I asked at. Go back to first window. Ask the woman about the bus to Kutna Hora in the morning. She gives me the same information I got off the website. Then I ask her how/where to buy a ticket. "No ticket here. From bus driver." Long story short: for this specific bus, you buy the ticket from the bus driver. Is there a sign or any info that says this? NO!!! Why didn't they tell me this in the first place, you ask. They don't do that here. This, my friends, is the Czech process. Everything is done this way! EVERYTHING. (All I ask for are some spreadsheets and information where to buy stuff. Is that too much to ask? Obviously.)
Anyhow, tomorrow we are going to Kutna Hora, a small town 70 Km southeast of Prague, and my mother's great-great grandfather was born there. Will see a few houses that my ancestors lived in. Yes, I am taking about a billion pictures for my Grandma. Will also go to the Bone Chapel and hopefully St. Barbara's Cathedral. I'll fill you in tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

LOL, this is your cousin Karen. Do ticket sellers also become enraged if you don't have the exact change?