27 March 2005

some more truths

106. My dorm room is a disgusting pit right now, yet I have no immediate desire to clean. Give it a few hours.
107. I don't like socks. If I could wear sandals all year long, I would be happy.
108. I spend $18 on conditioner, but I think a $40 bra is a waste of money.
109. I spent the last 4 hours browsing and buying music on iTunes.
110. I am not a feminist, I'm a humanist. I think men and women are different and each of us unique for a reason.
111. I don't usually enter political or religious arguments, unless someone asks my opinion, or I feel that a group is being attacked.
112. I can have just as much fun playing charades or watching movies as I can out drinking in a club or bar. Sometimes more.
113. I didn't drink in high school. I had no desire to.
114. I'm such a girl, even when I try not to be.
115. Most people find me intimidating. I'm sure it's my size and power.
116. My father was my first model of a gentleman_he opens doors, can always offer a hankie, fixes things when they're broken, drives the old car, and puts the seat down.
117. My dad is also the only person I know who learns by osmosis.
118. He also has a big mouth and told his whole office about my blog. Thanks, Dad!
119. I can spend hours staring at the ceiling and thinking. Or just staring.
120. I have no idea why I am compelled to share all these things.
121. Don't throw things to or at me. I can't catch.
122. I also can't throw. Don't expect something to make it there if I do.
123. I don't know if people notice this, but alot of the time when I act crazy, I'm not drunk. I'm acting naturally.
124. I am the world's worst solitaire player. I will continue to scroll through the deck for up to an hour before starting over. It's a matter of not paying attention.
125. I quit Girl Scouts because I thought it was boring and we didn't do anything cool. I would have rather carved racecars out of soap with the boy scouts.
126. I didn't wear make up until my freshman year of high school. I also didn't carry a purse until then. Before that I carried my dad's old wallet in my back pocket.
127. My mother and I own an identical pair of pants_same size and style. I find this depressing.
128. My roommate Laine is approximately 5'9", I am 5'3". Our torsos are the same length. My mother is an inch shorter than me, but her legs are longer than mine.
129. Dancing in front of a large audience doesn't bother me. Put a saxophone in my hands in front of a small group and I get so nervous I shake and can't breathe.
130. Nothing beats the smell of fresh rain (not in Manhattan).

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