14 March 2005


Laine is officially off the hook, for those of you who were concerned. I got ahold of her last night on the phone! And she reminded me that I need to take pictures of my dorm and campus. So, I promise to take some soon.
I went to studio today. Have homework for Thursday. Tanner, Aaron and I went out in search of some trace paper and supplies. Were fairly unsuccessful, but we did find Picante, the taco and burrito place! We dubbed it the Czech Chipotle. Was delicious! Also, the temperature was above freezing today! It was so nice out. Supposedly, the weather is going to continue improving.
Last night's events were fun. Bought small book at Klub Architektu bookstore, and had another delicious meal! Plus, College of Architecture paid for it! BONUS!

102. I cheat at solitaire.
103. I didn't learn to ride my bike without training wheels until I was 7.
104. I almost drove the car through the garage when I was 9.


Alexis said...

are you sure you were 12 when you almost drove the car through the garage... and wasn't i with you? and didn't i make you do it?

Nicole said...

I'm positive I was 9. I didn't know you when this happened. But I'm sure we did something stupid like almost set the house on fire, try and make Sprite from scratch, or make fake barf in the blender. Those, my dear, would have been your ideas! [Do you have panic attacks? Remember?]