13 March 2005

Such great heights

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todays highlights_Bridge tower was open today. Climbed to top & took amazing photos of view. [Ray Streeter, KSU professor, came to visit our program so I gave him a tour of the city.] Saw inside of St. Vitus Cathedral [gothic cathedral built over 6 centuries]. The interior is even more awe-inspiring than the exterior. Excerpt from my study abroad application essay [Why do you want to study in Prague?] "During a critique, a critic commented that a fellow student's project reminded him of the spaces in a gothic cathedral in Europe. I realized if I didn't study abroad, I would be severely compromising my architectural education." There you have it, folks. I feel the same after having seen one. Nothing compares.
Also saw interior of the Church of St. Nicholas, a popular example of Baroque Architecture. Beautiful, but lavish. I prefer gothic simplicity. Wanted to visit synagogues and cemetary in Jewish quarter, but didn't want to pay $10 today. Next time. Tourists were everywhere today. Going to Klub Architektu for dinner tonight with big group and Ray.

101. I have a fear of birds pooping on me.

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