06 March 2005

week in review

Don thought it more important that I entertain him than update my blog, so you haven't heard from me in a week. He left this morning so I'll bring you up to speed.

1.3.05_Tuesday_Also didn't go to any classes today. Might have slept most of day. Don't really recall what else I did.
2.3.05_Wednesday_Urban Planning class at 9:00. Teacher took us on walk to a project site. Climbed highest hill in Prague to get better view, and saw modernist houses in nice neighborhood. Missed next class because of trip. Tried Grossetto's Pizza close to dorm. Walked around Old Jewish quarter. Peered through gate to look at old Jewish cemetary_oldest in Europe. Really amazing. I can't wait to return when I can go inside. Prague has such a strong [sometimes sad] Jewish history. The oldest synagogue in Europe is also in Prague. So cool. Don and I went to Thai restaurant recommended in my Lonely Planet Prague guide. So excellent! The restaurant is located in a building with an art-glass gallery. Drank wine out of custom designed glass. Fear I will spend too much money buying some dishes there! Really pleased to find such good place.
3.3.05_Thursday_2 classes_Restoration & Conservation teacher was no-show. History of Theaters teacher was a joke, class not worth my time [he informed us he'd been teaching for 55 years and learned English "before the War." I assume that means a world war] Ate mediocre sushi at sushi bar and paid too much. Walked around Wenceslas square.
4.3.05_Friday_Ate at Grossetto's Pizza. Lots of Americans there. Went to movie theatre and watched "Meet the Fockers" ["Jeho Fotr, to je Lotr" in Czech]. The movie was in English with Czech subtitles. Funny.
5.3.05_Saturday_Walked around modern shopping area called "Andel" and looked at interesting buildings. Ventured to Old Town Prague and found Klub Architektu_great architecture bookstore and restaurant. The restaurant is in the basement of the building and the ceilings are great low, brick arches. Delicious food as well, and great wine.
6.3.05_Sunday_Don left at 10 this morning. Went home, took a nap, did laundry.

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