28 March 2005


I just enrolled for my LAST YEAR OF COLLEGE!!!!!! Can't believe it, but it's freakin' awesome! Which also means I will graduate in one year. Also unbelievable. Didn't think it would actually ever happen, but I'm almost done! Sorry, I'm just a little excited. And also sad because alot of my friends are graduating in May. And sad because I'll miss their graduations. But, I guess Prague serves as a pretty good consolation prize! Here's the schedule for next semester:
ARCH706 Architectural Design Studio 7 MWF
ARCH705 Project Programming TU
ARCH715 Ecology & Sustainable Design Seminar T
PLAN315 Intro to Planning MWF
HORT210 Concepts of Floral Design TU
=16 credits

Oh, I guess you don't even know my schedule for this semester. Here it is:
Mon_Digital Photography, Urban design studio
Tues_History & Theory of Urbanism, Ecology & Urban Space, History of Architecture
Thurs_Urban design studio, Restoration & Conservation
=20 credits
Plus I think I just got involved teaching an English language class. I love the European system.

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