21 April 2005


So, hopefully most of you have brought yourselves up to speed on my fabulous Italian excursion. If not, you'll have to see the rest of the posts on this page, and some in the archives. As you may have concluded, I had a wonderful time. Infact, I wish I could just travel instead of going to classes. Such is life. Started doing homework since I haven't really done any up until now. Little frustrated with the school 'system' here this week. Not much I can do about it. As long as I pass, all will be well. And if not, at least I had fun in Europe, right? I'll keep telling myself that.
Pretty homesick this week. Really miss all my friends, and am sad they will be gone next year. Not that I don't love my architecture friends, but I will really miss my Seaman and Classy Cat and roommate friends! It will be the first time in 17 years that I haven't gone to school with some of them! The weather in Prague has been a little chilly again. It's supposed to be warming up, but nothing in the 60's yet. The past few weeks it was warm, but I don't know what happened. The Scottish presentation was last night, and most of it was pretty boring, until John and Greig's dance at the end. They both wore skirts [not kilts], sparkly jackets, and sunglasses. Not to mention that John was sporting his new 'do_the mullet/afro/mohawk. It was so rad! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Note to self_take pictures of the people I talk about to post online. Going to Finland next Wednesday to see Don for 5 days. Looking forward to it.
Oh, and for those of you wondering, here's what I got for my birthday_scrapbook for our italy trip, pearl ring, and gondola ride from Don_travel/hiking backpack from my mom [let's be honest, I won't ever use it for hiking], plus chocolate and granola bars!_some money from my Dad and grandparents_love and good wishes in emails and facebook posts! Love and miss you all!

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