17 April 2005


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April 12
Great spring day. A few morning sprinkles made for a nice day. Decided to fill the day with buildings. Went to Querini Stampalia to see the work of Carlo Scarpa, one of our favorite architects. Also saw his Olivetti showroom. Then, we headed to several different churches that were rumored to be beautiful inside. They were, and as we were sitting in one sketching, several people walk in, is suits and dresses, and the women were holding flowers. An American couple was celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows in Venice. Their closest friends came, too. We got to watch their little ceremony. It was so sweet. Walked around some more, and I was distracted by some goodies in a store window. It was the studio of a local artist, who makes lights and mirrors and other pieces of art. Bought a small mirror from him. His website, if you want to see some of his pieces, is www.amanovenezia.com Watched the sunset from a small boat dock. Decided to try restaurant in my book that was labeled "creative cuisine." The restaurant was called La Zucca, and they had a menu full of vegetable dishes that were grown in the Venetian gardens, as well as a fine selection of meat and seafood. The food was amazing! Might have been the best meal we had the whole time. Lent my phrasebook to the couple next to us who were having trouble translating the menu. Turns out they're from Wales and were vegetarians. They said they had been disappointed with the lack of vegetarian friendly meals in Venice. Were very nice people. We talked to them for a while, and they offered for us to stay at their house if we're in South Wales this semester. Walked home and came across the man playing his guitar again. Good ending to fun and busy day.

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