17 April 2005

Ciao, Venice

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April 14
Woke up to another beautiful day in Venice. Checked out of Hotel Ateneo and boarded water taxi to train station. Put ticket stubs and other items into scrapbook on train ride. Spent a few hours in Bologna walking around to kill time before we headed to Forli to catch our plane. Found some great old buildings in Bologna, including a church that had a piece from the year 100! Pretty cool. I think it's the oldest thing I've ever seen. Rode train to Forli and caught bus to airport. Met an American in the airport who is a retired United Airlines pilot and had just spent a few days at the Ferrari factory watching Formula 1 testing. He was very nice and interesting to talk to. Decided to get a room near the Frankfurt-Hahn airport instead of riding the bus for 2 hours to stay in the red-light district again. Good thing we did, because Don had to leave earlier than we thought the next day. This place was much cleaner than the other one, anyway.

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