28 April 2005


I made it to Finland in one piece. No big surprises there. I did, however, spend the marjority of the day traveling yesterday. And got lost in Helsinki because someone lied to me. Me: Is this the train station? Stupid lady who may or may not have been Finnish: No. LIAR! It was the train station. Luckily, some nice Finnish woman helped me out. We're just going to assume the lady who lied to me wasn't Finnish, because I've been told they're all supposed to be nice. As a means of comfort, I reminded myself of what my mother always says, "liars go to hell." So, some of you may be wondering why I'm in Finland, besides the fact that Don goes to school here. Well, I also have some 'family' here. Paulina Rossi was an exchange student who stayed with my Uncle Dale and Aunt Cheryl. Like most of our exchange family members, we've remained close to her. The last time I saw her was about 8 years ago at Pam's wedding. Anyway, I decided that I would have to visit her when I came to see Don. She lives just outside of Helsinki with her husband, Ahti, and their 4 children. Tomorrow we are going to Helsinki to stay with them until Sunday. And here's something to impress everyone_I've been to the largest building in Finland! Impressive, I know. Don's apartment building is the largest Finnish building. Which, you might say it was a shame to waste that honor on such a building, but whatever. I've seen worse, I guess. It's better than the house he lived in last semester. More later when there's more to write about.

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