17 April 2005

Happy Birthday

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April 13
Beautiful sunshiney day in Venice! Went to San Marco to see the inside. Cool, but not as beautiful as some other churches we've seen. Decide to go to one of the smaller islands, either Murano or Burano, and walk in the direction of the ferry station. Got lost and ended up in an area close to the train station. No big deal, the day was beautiful and we got to see other parts of Venice. Rode water taxi to Murano and saw one of the glass factories. Also saw alot of beautiful glass pieces we couldn't afford. Returned to Venice and walked around some more. Found a quiet place to sit and painted some watercolors. Don took me on a gondola ride for my birthday. It was fun, and our gondolier kept shouting to other gondoliers and singing sometimes. Was a cool way to see part of Venice. Ate at another restaurant recommended in my guide book. Had seafood menu, and we ate some pasta with shrimp and some more fried calimari. Very good. Also had tiramisu and meringue cake for dessert. Saw man playing his guitar again, and stopped to check it out this time. Bought two of his CD's. Walked through San Marco Piazza at night and stopped to sit and watch. This was definately the most memorable birthday I've had thus far. Thanks everyone, for sending me birthday emails and messages. I really appreciate everyone thinking of me while I'm gone. Great last night in Venice.


Miguel Aguirre said...

It's a nice picture. Don is not to good, but still the picture is good.

P.S. Do you like the present?

ernesto sanchez said...

i agree with miguel...you are way out of don's league.

Nicole said...

Yes, Miguel, I loved the present! Thank you.