24 April 2005

How are the purple berries, Ralph? Good?

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So yesterday I went to take pictures for my photography project. This is of the green [who knew it] ravine below the castle where the moat once was. Not only is it remarkable that I went on a wilderness hike of my own free will, but this is actually the second time this week. My language partner, Radim, took me here earlier in the week on our weekly excursion. There is this great tunnel under the entrance to the castle which was designed by a Czech architect. It won the 2004 award for brick construction in Europe. It's great. Really fun space. Until you enter it, it appears to be your average gigantic drain culvert.
Anyway, I doubt today will be so exciting. I have to work on the dreaded studio project. In case you didn't know, I'm in an urban design studio this semester, which is like regular studio, but bigger. To top it off, I have ZERO urban planning/design experience or knowledge. I'm pretty lost, but hopefully I can manage to pass. However, it does beat doing the same thing I have been for the last 7 semesters.

Originally uploaded by holacola.

Originally uploaded by holacola.

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