17 April 2005

I have been to Heaven-I have been to Siena, Italy.

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April 9 & 10
WOW! Took train to Siena and was amazed! So surprised at how beautiful it is. Stayed in a hotel that was once an estate. Very homey. Not only are the countryside views gorgeous, but the whole town is just amazing as well. Everything is preserved and the spaces and the streets just feel so cool. The large square is amazing_it slopes down towards a big government house, and is filled with people. The Italians really know how to design a public square, and they're successful for hundreds of years. The weather was rainy, but it didn't matter. Don bought me a fun little pearl ring at a jewelry store, and we stopped in a wine bar and drank Chianti out of the biggest wine glass in the world. Whole family ate at a restaurant that was very good and very small. Spent Sunday morning walking around Siena, before heading back to Florence. Weather was cold and rainy again. Rode bus back to Florence. Rested in hotel room before eating dinner at pizza place down the street. The 5 star hotel was where Cynthia's conference was supposed to be, but it was cancelled. They decided to keep the reservations anyway. It was amusing because everything cost an arm and a leg [30 euros for continental breakfast], but the windows leaked. We played cards in the room after dinner and drank a bottle of chianti. Was a fun time.

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