05 April 2005

pasta and gondolas, here i come!

Yep, tomorrow night at 10 pm [Prague time] my bus leaves and I'll be on my way to Italy [via Frankfurt]. Meeting Don in Frankfurt Thursday morning, and we'll spend the day exploring Frankfurt, then we fly to Bologna, Italy on Thursday night. Stay in Forli, Italy [that's where the Bologna airport actually is] on Thurs. Travel to Florence Friday morning, meet Don's mom, stepdad and stepsister there. Sienna on Saturday and part of Sun. Back to Florence for Sun. night. Monday morning, Don and I travel to Venice! Spend 3 nights in Venice, including my 22nd birthday on Wednesday! On the 14th, will return to Bologna to make journey back to Prague. Hopefully we'll be far enough from Rome that the funeral activities won't affect our trip. I'll be back in Prague on April 16, so I'll have lots of new pictures and stories.
As for Prague lately, let's see..... Photography class on Monday was good. We learned about lighting techniques, and we had an assignment due. The assignment was to take a picture of an object at a very close distance, so that only a portion of the object was visible. Then, we were supposed to manipulate the image, either digitally or with the lens to make 36 different images. Anyway, I chose a strawberry for my object, and manipulated one single image using Photoshop. It was very Andy Warhol, and the teacher liked it alot, so that was good. It's nice to have a class that's different than the usual. Um, the weather here has been very nice, 64 for the last 3 days. Don't know much else for now.


Alexis said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya, alexis

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nicole! Was Venice as beautiful as Siena? After you left we took a Chiati wine tour - you and Don Reilly would have loved it. Delighted we could spend some time together!
We love you, Cynthia