04 April 2005

Vote NO, please

Now usually, I'm not that politically 'involved' or vocal, but this is something I really believe in. For all of you Kansas voters, please vote NO tomorrow against the Kansas Marriage Ammendment. Despite what your beliefs are about homosexuals, this law discriminates against a larger group of people, not just gay couples. It would eliminate common law marriage, among other things. I realize that the beauty of our country is that we are all free to vote as we please, and that is the value of our democratic system. But think about it. Do you believe that discrimination is wrong? Would you want someone to force their different beliefs upon your life and daily choices? Would you want someone harrassing you like you were a social paraih if they didn't know you and you hadn't harmed anyone? Is it a 'brotherly love' quality to turn fellow humans into outcasts? This should not be a religious issue, especially since it involves goverment. Not only is it uncostitutional, but if you consider yourself to be a decent and loving human being, then voting for this law should be against your code of conduct. When will people start worrying about their own lives and actions instead of concerning themselves with the lives of others? When will politicians realize that funding our public schools and healthcare are more important than wasting our tax dollars to support discrimination? Please help keep the goverment out of everyone's personal lives, and vote NO.

By the way, I'm doing fine, not much to blog about right now. Going to Italy in a few days, will blog more later. This was most important to me, though.

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sloring said...

What you do in the bedroom is no business of the goddamn government!!!!!