22 April 2005

Where's your flair?

I just wanna dance
Originally uploaded by holacola.
I should be ashamed, but I'm not. Last night, I ate dinner at TGI Friday's. Had a skillet dinner consisting of grilled pork loin, rice, green beens, and tomatoes with pico-de-gaio. Drank a Shirley Temple!!!! and had an ice cream Oreo dessert. It was delicious and also ridiculously expensive. I paid $18. Amazing what you'll do for old favorites.
The weekend brings homework, and supposedly warm weather. Plan to work on my final project for photography. Haven't decided what I'm doing yet. I have 3 options. Since I know you kiddies like pretty pictures, I'm posting the collage I made for my first photo project. And, you can see that I have, indeed, done some work here. [Click on the picture to view larger] Oh, and for those of you who seem to need incentive to visit my blog [you know who you are, Lee Perry!], how about a comment every once in a while. It's not nice to be selfish with my blog. Contribute.


Nicole said...

And on an ironic note, I just realized I've never eaten at TGI Friday's in the States.

darchelle said...

Cole I LOVE that dance pic. I would totally put that on my wall. i gots your e-mail and i miss you lots too.

Lee Perry said...

Hey Nicole! Since you harrassed, I respond. I really enjoy reading your blog. Knowing your Dad, I wonder why/how you are so gifted. Really, you are a good writer. Think maybe you missed your calling, girl. Very talented! Also, I am glad to see that you are taking advantage of this opportunity and having fun in the process. Take care kid!