08 May 2005


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This weekend was the 60th anniversary of VE-Day, or the end of WWII in Europe. There were various celebrations this weekend all over Prague. Yesterday, Tiffany and I went with her Czech buddy Michal to a battle re-enactment. Although we were too short to see most of it above the crowd, we certainly heard all of it. They were pumping sounds through speakers, and the 'soldiers' were shooting blanks out of their guns. We did catch a glimpse of the tank and other tall vehicles. It was exciting. I'm not sure how many or how extreme any battles in Prague were, but I do know that American and Russian troops came from both sides of the country to defeat the Nazi occupation. Anyway, there were actors dressed up as Allied troops and as Nazis. One scary thing was the skinheads [present day Nazis] who thought the Nazi actor was cool. Yikes.
Anyway, tonight there was a large fireworks show above the river, so a bunch of us went down to Old Town to watch. It was very cool. The fireworks were being shot off from one of the islands in the river and were choreographed to a music program played through speakers. It rivaled some July 4 shows I've seen. I'm really glad I was here to experinece it. And, I'm thankful that this country is no longer occupied: Nazis or Communists.

Thought for the weekend:
God bless the soldiers, Jews and other innocent civilians who perished in WWII, and bless those who are fighting today. In a world of uncertainty and violence, prayer affords us certainty and peace, if only peace of mind. However, I believe it works.
And God bless mothers, who deserve our love and our prayers for all of theirs'.


Anonymous said...

Answer my e-mail right now!

Nicole said...

You're welcome, Mr. Impatient. Hope I surprised you.

Broseph said...

Yes, it's me. And Yes, I checked out y0 blog. Keep up the good work, and the shouts out to military folk is appreciated.