30 May 2005

Dad time

My Dad arrived in Prague yesterday to visit me for a week. For those of you who don't know, this was his first journey outside the United States. After a very long plane ride from Chicago to Brussels, Belgium, and a short one from Brussels to Prague, I treated him to some Czech goulash and beer. Then he took a nap. After the nap, he was ready to go see some stuff, so we walked through the Jewish quarter, Old Town square, Wenceslas square, and the Charles bridge. On the bridge we saw my friends Garnet and Taco, so Dad met them. We ate at Klub Architektu for dinner, and sat with a couple from Canada. The man was an architect [not unusual at this restaurant, due to the name] and they were really fun to talk to. Then it was off to bed. Oh, and he also brought me lots of goodies_Marilyn's snickerdoodles [my favorite], m&m's, oreos, ritz bitz cheese sandwiches, gum, candy, and a few dvd's!
Today we set out early to go see Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. The weather was quite balmy again, so we were having a hard time staying cool. Bought some gelatto [Italian ice cream]. Rode the Metro to Vysehrad, the other castle, and saw the cathedral there. It's beautiful inside! Just as we were about to leave, the wind picks up [and by picks up I mean RIPS through!] and a rain and HAIL storm dumps on Prague! We stayed in the cathedral until it was over. Had we been in Kansas, a tornado definately would have followed. Then, I realized that Tiffany and I had probably left the windows open in our dorm room since it was hotter than the blazes today! Yup, we sure did, and wouldn't you know that our desks that have our laptops on them are right in front of our window! We had a large puddle in our room, but thankfully both laptops are ok! But, dad and I ate some Mexican, or Czexican as I like to call it, food tonight. That's about all so far.

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