13 May 2005

Double it!

Last night was my first night of all out crazy late night partying in Prague. Yes, this is sad since I've been here for a while, but coming home at 4:30 in the morning in the cold just wasn't that appealing to me before. What makes things so different now, besides the slight rise in temperature? Well, for the next week or so, Prague is being invaded by K-State students. About 8 of our friends from Italy and Germany came into town last night. So, we all went out for some fun.
First, we went to the "Cave bar" as everyone likes to call it, which is this maze of rooms that goes underground about 4 floors. It's really cool. Had a drink there, and headed over to Nebe, the cool, happening place. At Nebe, they actually play good music, none of which was recorded in the 1980's! So, some friends, some drinks and alot of dancing made for a fun night. We were rolling about 20 deep when we got to the club, and met up with several Scottish and other international friends. However, as the night progressed, people started to filter out, and the group on my return trip to the dorm was about 8. Was a fun night. Introduced the kids who had been studying in Italy to the best Czech after drinking snack_smazeny syr [that's a fried cheese sandwich in English]. They enjoyed, and a good time was had by all. Think I will try to get my 'old' self out to some more socializing with the time I have left. I say old, because many of the kids here are 19 or 20, and are working all that crazy partying out of their systems, where as I have lived my 'wild days' already. I realize my parents and their peers are lauging about this, however, it doesn't bother me. Anyway, some more festivities are planned for tonight, however, I think Tiffany and I will be returning earlier than the normal 4:30. Anyway, this post was supposed to be short and it is becoming too long, so I will end. Any questions about transportation or partying in Prague can be directed to me through comments or emails.

Here's the photo project:

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