16 May 2005


From studying in Prague this semester I:

Can open jars and bottles by myself_no man needed!
Have learned to navigate a large city and public transportation
Met some really great people, especially from Scotland
Am learning about Urban Design
Know more world history
Can say "Do you speak English" in several languages
Know how to use a travel guidebook to its fullest advantage
Have overcome some germ phobias
Have forced myself to wear clothing more than once
Am learning how to minimize household waste
Am living without television
Talk to my Dad more often than when I'm in Manhattan
Correspond with family and friends I haven't seen in a while
Am maximizing my Aveda supply and going a long time without a haircut
Have learned to appreciate American luxuries such as deoderant, Ranch dressing, marshmellows
Have gained an appreciation for other cultures
Am learning alot about communism and alternative forms of government
Know more about the stigma attached to America
Believe that all humans have innate similarities that bind us together
Have learned alot about myself
Confirmed that I can live without Don, but I'd really rather be with him
Have decided that friendships, family and having fun are more important than getting excellent grades_especially in studio!
Actually miss Manhattan, Kansas
Have learned that there are more important things than work and 'success'
Know that I will come back to Europe and have permanently caught the travel bug


Anonymous said...

you can live without don?

so your saying I gotta chance,..........i read ya ;)

Nicole said...

Ha, that's cute

Nicole said...

perhaps a better way to say that was, i can be apart from Don for a while, but i'd much rather be with him

Anonymous said...

i understand,

....alas...........absence makes the heart grow fonder.......

-said by someone smarter then me