27 May 2005


pearly gates
The big boat party was last night, and the theme was "Heaven & Hell." Tiffany and I went as 'the pearly gates' because we didn't want to dress up like angels or devils, and really just wanted to drape ourselves in jewels. Some highlights of the night were seeing all of our friends in one place, the ridiculous costumes, and seeing the majority of Prague from the Vltava River. The Scottish boys Paul, Stephen, & Paul dressed up as devils, but not just any devils, ones in spandex hot pants. This was one of the funniest things I've seen. The other Scottish friends came as a banana, the dorm, and a mixture of rockstar/drag queen attire. There were so many people there, some I had never seen before. Although it was fun, there was also a large group of really annoying people and creepy weirdos. Infact, we had to leave the boat earlier than planned because some people thought it would be fun to throw a table and chairs into the river. Not cool. So we headed to Nebe, which in Czech means "heaven," ironically. It was super crowded and full of annoying drunk people. Decided to leave fairly early. And on a disappointing note, we did not witness any streaking [apparently it's a tradition, started by KSU students, to run across the Charles Bridge naked after the boat party]. Oh well.
tanner & nicole
Tanner 'prince of darkness' Pikop and me
Scottish friend Greig, as some sort of fairy princess in the metro
Paul, Taco, and Stephen
Scottish friend John, glam-rock superstar


Anonymous said...

-again with all the hottness!!!!!!!!!!

i gotta double up this time.....

wow! wow!

-your killing me ellis

Anonymous said...

Your stupid picture deal says I need a password. Piss on that. You're lucky I'm boozed or I'd be pissed. Holla back.


Anonymous said...

More memories for you! The pics are awesome and I know the fun times are too. Thanks for including me in the 'views'


Nicole said...

I don't know what you're talking about, drunkie, but no one else needed a password. Most of them are on my Flickr photo site, so just click a picture on my blog and look at those.

Anonymous said...

Maybe everyone else is just much more intelligent than me. You ever think of that? I know nothing and I am an idiot. Why in the world did you think it was me? That's insulting.

Nicole said...

Thus the importance of specifying WHO YOU ARE when you leave a comment.