25 May 2005

show and tell

Some sites of interest_hit them up when you have a moment:

Northwest naturalist_Cutler Anderson Architects I heard James Cutler speak at KSU and he moved me to tears.
An old favorite is Lake Flato Architects located in San Antonio, TX. Don insists Texas is an atrocious place to live, so I doubt I'll work for these guys.
A local goody, with ties to KSU el dorado 'we have no mission statement' architects This site is pretty hilarious. They recently updated. I recommend reading the part about dogs.
Amazing photography [although slightly expensive] Black Dog Photography is based in KC as well. I love great photographs.
My new favorite clothing store promod here in Prague. They've been taking alot of my money lately.
Hand printed textiles at Sejto Beautiful pieces.
A great Czech reference site can be found at My Czech Republic in case you want to know some more things about the place I live.
Another blog that is really interesting is PostSecret I don't recommend this if you are easily offended or disturbed_some of it is pretty sad. It is however, very interesting. Actually, I don't recommend this for most of the adults I know. It will bother most of you.

So, lately I've been wasting my time on the internet, but also found time to fail a test, do some shopping, some homework, and ate some cereal, and I've worked out a couple days. Don't worry, nothing too strenuous. And learning a bit about html code [that means learning how to incorporate these links into this post]. Soooooooo exciting.

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