03 May 2005

things i love

Originally uploaded by holacola.
_spring, especially spring rain
_orange soda
_starburst, hot tamales, reeses peanut butter cups
_Aunt Cheryl's peanut butter rice krispie treats
_flip flops/sandals
_good, true friends_i'm lucky to have alot of these
_twirly skirts
_clean clothes
_small fluffy things [dogs, birds, whatever]
_talking in voices_you should hear my scottish accent
_Donald Reilly_he makes my world brighter
_sports cars/driving fast
_cookie dough
_making things_sewing, building, it's all fun
_meatloaf w/ scalloped potatoes
_grilled cheese/salami/mushroom sandwiches

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Anonymous said...

wow!! they r things i love too!