04 May 2005

Things I want to invent

Car Wash Teleporter_you know, so when you don't want to drive a long distance, you don't have to. Just drive into a local car wash, select a destination car wash and zap yourself there. Saving time, gas, and accidents.

Telepathic AutoCAD helmet_instead of spending so much time turning a design concept into CAD documents, the helmet would read your mind and automatically draw what you wanted. Saving lazy architecture students from sleepless nights.

Language voicebox_I don't speak Czech, at least not very much. Instead of trying to learn this ridiculous language, I would like to push a button and have all my words come out in Czech. And also have an ear button so I could understand what they're saying back to me. Saving me from a lot of lost in translation moments.

Deoderizing bubble_something that makes the smelly people over here a little less putrid. Deoderant costs $8 here, so I understand the lack of it, but some basic hygeine rules should be universal. Saving my nostrils from discomfort.

Automatic blog commenter_you people seem to have a problem leaving comments. I don't know why, perhaps it's not a priority for you. However, in my ideal little world, this would be set up so you couldn't leave my website without commenting! Saving me from feeling like I'm talking to myself.

In conclusion_START LEAVING COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[click on the little guy that says _comments, NOT the envelope]


Nicole said...

See, it's easy. Click the button, say something, and leave your name! It works even without a blog account!

ercwttmn said...


just a little note to say I was here.

Anonymous said...

testy, now, aren't we? have you had a poop today?

Nicole said...

thanks alot, mom!

tanner p said...

youve got some good ideas, kid. real good. i think you are going places.

roxie said...

Nicole, About the stinky people, is soap expensive, too? Do these people not bathe, either? Just curious.... Roxie (works with your dad)

Nicole said...

A Czech girl told my roommate that it is typical for some Czech men to only bathe every other day or once a week. Not kidding, it's really ripe sometimes.