05 May 2005

things i would kill a man for...

Pad burger
Banana split or blizzard from Dairy Queen
Copper Oven frosted sugar cookies
Chipotle burrito
Crispix cereal
Cherry 7-up
Panera's Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich or Summer Berry salad
soft, sliced bread
1/2% milk, in a refrigerated plastic jug-homogenized & pasteurized
Campbell's soup
Prego, Ragu or other American brand of spaghetti sauce
Mom's potato clam soup
Rock-a-Belly sandwich
Coco Bolo's
chips & salsa
cottage cheese
El Coyote sancho el loco
Marilyn's snickerdoodles
Laine's mac & cheese
Red Lobster!
Steak, sausage, any unquestionable meat

Oh, and I went to some classes today, and on my weekly walk with Radim, my language partner. The temp was 84 on Monday, but has gotten colder the rest of the week. Has also been rainy. Hoping for some more sunshine and summer temps. Working on projects and other homework. Not much else.


Dad said...

Which of the above list would you like me to bring to you?

ercwttmn said...


I'll check to see how much it would cost to send a Chipotle Burrito fed ex.

Nicole said...

blizzard, cookie dough, please

Nicole said...

Oh, and Eric, the steak burrito w/black beans and corn salsa is my favortie. Thanks. You're a pal.