03 June 2005

Cesky Whatsky?

Cesky Krumlov
Dad and I have been pretty busy. And I'm pretty busy working on homework. I'll fill you in on Wednesday's excursion to Cesky Krumlov [pronounced Chesky Kroomlav]. We left early in the morning for our 4 hour train ride to Southern Bohemia to see the magnificent castle at Cesky Krumlov. My guide book claimed it was a 1 km walk from the train station to the castle. I think they are big fat liars. Pretty sure it was at least 5 km, but oh well. So, we stopped and ate some lunch at a little restaurant at the base of the castle. Then we headed up to the castle. This castle is beautiful! It was never pilfered or abandoned for a long period of time, so pretty much all the original furnishings and objects are intact. Now, as an architecture student, I've had to suffer through some ignorant tour guides butchering the architectural descriptions of buildings and such, or saying a column is tuscan when it's really doric, etc [do not take the guided tour of Oak Park, Illinois if you know anything about Frank Lloyd Wright or architecture, because you'll have to hear about 'Japanesie' influences or the 'Wrightie' style]. However, our tour guide was most excellent and knowledgeable on architectural eras as well as historical restoration. Anyway, the history of this castle is very interesting, and one of the coolest things was a gold-plated carriage built in the 1400's that sits in the middle of a room, just as it has for a few hundred years. Quite an enjoyable day.
We caught a train back to Prague around 8:20 pm, and got into Prague just after midnight. This is where my dad's real Prague adventure begins. We run to catch the metro from the train station. Then we ride 2 stops to catch another metro that will take us to a night tram. The metro stops at midnight, meaning they leave the end stations and run the extent of the line, so if you are in the middle of the line slightly after midnight, you can usually catch a train to somewhere. We caught the tram from Wenceslas Square, which is Prague's red light district at night time. So Dad got to play the dodge-the-lowlife game while eating a sandwich from the street vendors and waiting for the night tram. I think it was interesting for him. We were exhausted and went to bed around 2:00.
Round-window arch action arches_Cesky Krumlov
Cesky Krumlov

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