06 June 2005

Excellent, Very good, Good, Fair....Fail?

Karlstejn Castle
Karlstejn Castle

Sorry for the delay in updates. I had a couple big deadlines today. My photography project was due, and I got my final grade_excellent [I guess that's an A?]. And, I had my oral final exam for History of Architecture. It involved telling my professor where I was from, where I have travelled this sememster, and then he asked me about architecture in Finland. And then I drew a card and it had a weird building on it I had never seen so I said I didn't know what it was. I received a grade of 'very good'. I probably could have talked about the design of a dog house and passed. I finished writing my paper for Urbanism, now I just have to turn it in to my professor and get a grade. That leaves one more paper, a case study and my studio project in the 7 days I have left.
Now I'll fill you in on the rest of my dad's visit. After the trip to Cesky Krumlov on Wednesday, Dad and I both slept in the next day. I had class at 1:15, and Dad decided to go to the bakery for some breakfast and then do some tram exploring. He rode one tram until the end of the line, then rode another, then found his way back to the Metro. I was impressed that he didn't get lost. After my class we did some shopping. Dad bought himself a pair of Bata [Czech brand of nice shoes, popular in Europe] and a pair for me as well. Did some more shopping and returned to my neighborhood for some dinner. Ate at the basement restaurant, and Dad ordered the Old Bohemian Spit [contains pork, chicken livers and bacon]. He said it was the best meal he had the whole time. I'll take his word for it_I don't eat organs, or anything involving Bohunks and spit.
Friday was his last day, so we took the train to the nearby village of Karlstejn to see the castle there. On the way, we passed by huge fields full of poppy flowers. They were really pretty. My guidebook described the Karlstejn castle as somewhat Disney Land-ish, and now we know why. Although the castle was nice, I preferred Cesky Krumlov. The one thing that really turned me off was the room with wood paneling. The guide told us the original wood panels were all intact and being restored. They were SCREWED into the wall with BRAND NEW brass SCREWS! I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure they just screwed themselves out of the historical value for that room. Whatever. I was done listening to her after that. But it was a fun day. To finish the night off, Dad treated me to a gourmet dinner in a very nice and delicious restaurant. It was fabulous and I ate far too much. Then I woke up at 5:00 Saturday morning to send Dad off on his 7:45 flight. We had a fun time.
Me and Dad
Nicole & Darreld on Charles Bridge

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