31 May 2005

Good morning comrades

The morning began with my History and Theory of Urbanism class [my favorite]. While I was in class, Dad set out on his own to find some breakfast in the neighborhood. He successfully purchased some pastries and orange juice, as he was dissatisfied the the speed and quality of the hotel breakfast. Then we set out for our day of Prague touring. First was the TV tower, which looks like it's from the Jetsons movie. And it has statues of babies crawling all over it. Long story. Went up to viewing level and saw 360 view of Prague. Then we wandered to Zizkov Hill, so I could take pictures of it for my Urbanism project. Long hike.
The highlight of the day, however, was awaiting us at the Museum of Communism. We went not really knowing what to expect, and it was really educational and interesting to learn about the history of Communism in the Czech Republic. There was also a movie with footage of the revolution protests and riots between 1969 and 1989, and it was extremely moving/strange to see police beating masses of people in the streets that I walk through everyday. Prague is so safe and normal now, I can't imagine how crappy it was to live here during the occupation. Decades of oppression from a goverment you don't support, being forced to vote, encouraged to send innocent people to jail. The whole reality of Communism is just very strange. Here's a quote from my favorite museum ad poster: 'We'd like to join our western sisters in burning our bras......if only the stores would carry them.' And another bit of irony, the Communist museum is located next to a McDonald's and inside a casino! Oh Capitalism.
We wandered over to the Municipal House, a facy Art Nouveau concert hall. Walked around the free area and had a beverage in the cafe. Then we walked along the river on our way to the Thai restaurant for dinner. This was my dad's first time to try Thai food. He liked it, but was surprised by the heat. Tomorrow holds a long-distance excursion to Cesky Krumlov.

Prague Tv Tower
TV tower
National Monument
National Monument with Jan Zizka statue on Zizkov Hill
Municipal Hall
Municipal Hall


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