28 July 2005


Well, I have a couple things to share. First of all, I just got internet service at my apartment today, so now I have full blog access! Look forward to more random stuff from me.
Secondly, you may have noticed a new link to Oz, [on the right, under Links] the architecture journal of KSU's College of Architecture, Planning, and Design. While I was in Prague, I applied with my friends Jason and Gabe to be editors of the journal for this year, and we were selected. So, I am now officially associated with REAL journalism and very excited about being involved with Oz. Basically, this is what happens_the editors select a theme for the annual journal and contact architects and designers to write articles on this theme. Then, we take those articles and images, turn it into a journal that is published in the summer, and sell them all over the country. Since I know you're all so supportive, I encourage you to check out the website, and if you so desire, you will be able to buy a copy, or donate some funds and you will receive your complimentary copy, and possibly a t-shirt. E-mail me for more info.

21 July 2005


I subscribe to an email newsletter called Archidose. Everyweek, they send me a link to a building they think is cool. Well it just so happens that this week's was my favorite Prague spot_the tunnel under the castle entrance. 'Small world'. Here it is:
_Prague Pedestrian Tunnel

16 July 2005


What have I been doing since my return to Kansas? Well, a better question is what haven't I been doing. The day after I got back, my Mom and I drove to Oberlin, Kansas [15 min to Nebraska border and 1.5 hours to Colorado border] to my grandparents house. A couple days later, Don drove out to join us. This is where the fun begins. One day we went to the Prairie Dog State Park in Norton, to McCook, Nebraska for Mexican food and to drive by the Frank Lloyd Wright house there, and also the soda fountain in Oberlin. And on our last day there, we went to my cousin Tom's farm, and Don got to learn about all kinds of farm stuff, including driving a tractor and petting a bull. I think it's pretty much the highlight of his summer.
On Monday, I moved into my apartment in Manhattan. Then on Thursday I went wedding dress shopping with my friend Darchelle who asked me to be a bridesmaid. Today, Don and I painted his Dad's dining room. So, for those of you who keep thinking that surely Kansas is no match for Europe, now you know that, clearly, Kansas is quite the competitor to Europe.

05 July 2005


Day 1_Zagreb
Croatia's capital city didn't have too much to offer. After a long bus and tram ride, we found our hostel. It was far too warm inside our hostel, so we set out to see the city and find some food. The historic center was nice, and we ate at a restaurant in the shade. Coinciedentally, we arrived on a holiday_National Anti-Facist Resistance Day, so many stores were closed. To escape the heat and curb boredom, we decided to go watch a movie. After purchasing tickets for Madagaskar [animated movie], Don had the clever realization that this particular movie might be dubbed in Croatian. We asked. It was. Switched our tickets to Sahara. Was decent. Nice to give the tourist gig a break for a day.
Day 2_National Park
Plitvice Jezero
Woke early to catch the first bus to Plitvice Jezero, one of Croatia's national parks full of lakes and waterfalls. After a confusing game of musical busses, we were finally on our way. Asked the tourist office at the park for a private accommodation, and a woman came and picked us up and took us to her house. Then she took us back to the park. Spent the day hiking through the woods to see waterfalls and clear lakes. It was stunning! Unfortunately, no swimming or wading. David did find a place to stick his feet in, where the very social fish mistook his feet for bread crumbs.
David's feet
Plitvice in Croatia
Day 3_long hot bus ride
Caught the bus down to Split. After 5 hours of riding, we decide to jump off at a smaller town close to Split, Trogir. Find the tourist office and ask for an apartment. A woman comes and picks us up and takes us to her house where she rents the 2nd and 3rd floors as apartments. Really great_has a kitchen and dining area, balconies and overlooks the coastline. Only problem is it's a few km away from the city center.
Day 4_holiday #2
As this was another Croatian holiday, ferries to islands weren't running on their normal schedule, so the nearby beach that we had our eyes on was a no-go for today. Walked to town for some groceries, ate a picnic lunch on the beach, walked back for dinner groceries, then returned to the apartment. Had a lovely dinner.
Day 5_boat?
Decided to go ahead and try to rent a boat to get to this island with the amazing sand beach. After an extremely long walk, decide to forgo the boat and just hang out at the nice pebble beach we had walked to. Spent the day under a palm tree reading and playing in the water. Great fun. I suggest we call a taxi instead of walking the whole way back. Everyone agrees, but the only problem is finding a place to call from. Ask in a restaurant, and the woman tells us it will take too long for a taxi to come, but she knows a guy who will drive us for a fee. Turns out you can find unofficial transport services pretty much anything in Croatia. Spent our last night hanging out at the apartment and dodging mosquitos.
Day 6_back to Prague
Don and I rode the bus to the Split airport, which turned out to be closer to Trogir than Split. Flew to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, where we caught a train back to Prague. Found out Slovakian is not that different from Czech and I could understand almost as much as I could in Czech.

03 July 2005


tetter totters
We arrived late in Berlin and crashed at our hostel. The next morning we headed out on a walking tour of all the architecture. Berlin is full of great modern buildings and really interesting history. We saw 'Horsehead' [the crazy sculputural thing at the top] by Frank Gehry, Pottsdammer Platz, remains of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Reichstagg [?], embassies, etc. We also went to the Jewish Museum by Daniel Leibeskind [also ? I'm not spell-checking any of this and I don't know German]. It was very cool. We played on these huge teeter-totters in Pottsdammer Platz.
Jewish Museum
Jewish Museum
Sony Center
Sony Center in Berlin
By the way, I made it back safely from Europe! I'm now at my grandma's house in Oberlin. I realized that if you view my page from a PC, it does not show up as beautifully as it does on my Mac, therefore, you may need to adjust some settings to see the pictures as they really look. Or spring for a Mac and make your life more beautiful. Ha.