03 July 2005


tetter totters
We arrived late in Berlin and crashed at our hostel. The next morning we headed out on a walking tour of all the architecture. Berlin is full of great modern buildings and really interesting history. We saw 'Horsehead' [the crazy sculputural thing at the top] by Frank Gehry, Pottsdammer Platz, remains of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Reichstagg [?], embassies, etc. We also went to the Jewish Museum by Daniel Leibeskind [also ? I'm not spell-checking any of this and I don't know German]. It was very cool. We played on these huge teeter-totters in Pottsdammer Platz.
Jewish Museum
Jewish Museum
Sony Center
Sony Center in Berlin
By the way, I made it back safely from Europe! I'm now at my grandma's house in Oberlin. I realized that if you view my page from a PC, it does not show up as beautifully as it does on my Mac, therefore, you may need to adjust some settings to see the pictures as they really look. Or spring for a Mac and make your life more beautiful. Ha.

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Anonymous said...

Nicole, I 'm so glad you are home safe from your wonderful trip. I know your mama was OH so GLAD to see you. Can't imagine being away as long as you were. Hope you keep blogging, I so enjoy you and your tib bits on life! AND the pictures are so AWESOME!!!

Let me hear from you some time when you get all caught up. Love Ya,