16 July 2005


What have I been doing since my return to Kansas? Well, a better question is what haven't I been doing. The day after I got back, my Mom and I drove to Oberlin, Kansas [15 min to Nebraska border and 1.5 hours to Colorado border] to my grandparents house. A couple days later, Don drove out to join us. This is where the fun begins. One day we went to the Prairie Dog State Park in Norton, to McCook, Nebraska for Mexican food and to drive by the Frank Lloyd Wright house there, and also the soda fountain in Oberlin. And on our last day there, we went to my cousin Tom's farm, and Don got to learn about all kinds of farm stuff, including driving a tractor and petting a bull. I think it's pretty much the highlight of his summer.
On Monday, I moved into my apartment in Manhattan. Then on Thursday I went wedding dress shopping with my friend Darchelle who asked me to be a bridesmaid. Today, Don and I painted his Dad's dining room. So, for those of you who keep thinking that surely Kansas is no match for Europe, now you know that, clearly, Kansas is quite the competitor to Europe.


Tiffany Rowell said...

How good does it feel to order food now? Hope everything is going smooth, miss ya. Love, Tiff

ercwttmn said...

hope the rest of you summer is as exciting as your last blog, ha ha. glad to hear you had a safe trip back nicole. be sure to tell don "hi" for me.