28 July 2005


Well, I have a couple things to share. First of all, I just got internet service at my apartment today, so now I have full blog access! Look forward to more random stuff from me.
Secondly, you may have noticed a new link to Oz, [on the right, under Links] the architecture journal of KSU's College of Architecture, Planning, and Design. While I was in Prague, I applied with my friends Jason and Gabe to be editors of the journal for this year, and we were selected. So, I am now officially associated with REAL journalism and very excited about being involved with Oz. Basically, this is what happens_the editors select a theme for the annual journal and contact architects and designers to write articles on this theme. Then, we take those articles and images, turn it into a journal that is published in the summer, and sell them all over the country. Since I know you're all so supportive, I encourage you to check out the website, and if you so desire, you will be able to buy a copy, or donate some funds and you will receive your complimentary copy, and possibly a t-shirt. E-mail me for more info.


ercwttmn said...

good to hear nicole,

oz sounds like it's in good hands

Anonymous said...

They knew what they were doing when they selected you. Congratulations!

(Also returning to the land of Oz)

Anonymous said...

How exciting this sounds. Haven't checked on ya latly, but sounds like you are on top as always!!!