23 August 2005


I am happy to say that I am now a part-time employee of Acme Gift in Aggieville! Very excited about it, and I managed to only have to apply to one place! So, I'll be selling fun little trinkets and arranging flowers, AND working with people my own age! And not staring at a computer screen the whole time. Plus bonuses like I don't have to drive there, my employers hold fun activities like bowling and slushie nights, I don't have to wear a uniform, and the store is cool. Been to almost 2 full days of classes so far. Looking forward to things, especially floral design since we get to keep everything we make [I guess that $120 lab fee better pay for a lot of flowers!]. And...it's good to see all my architecture friends again. Looking forward to having some girls around again to hang out with. Going to KC on Friday for the Jack Johnson concert. Oh, and I've been doing some sewing. That's about it.

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