26 September 2005


may 12, 2006 will be the happiest day of my life. [written from studio, 3:20 am, september 26, 2005] this major stopped being fun about 4 days ago.

23 September 2005

i hate studio

i'd rather be walking around prague. or walking around manhattan. or working on my portfolio so i can get a job when i graduate. or researching stuff for oz. or making a website. or sleeping. i hate my life.

03 September 2005

try the lamb

Was missing the flavors of Europe, so Don and I made some Greek food last night_pita bread with humus dip, greek salad, and tomatoes stuffed with lamb. Delicious! I think tonight we might have some eggplant with feta, and of course some more pita and humus. Mmmmmmm...those Greeks know their food.

K-State football starts today_playing Florida International University_whoever they are. GO CATS!

01 September 2005

i heart ACME gift

So I really love my new job. It's as fun as I imagined, and I get to do great things like wrap up bundles of lillies for boys to take to their girlfriends, arrange some flowers in little vases for new babies and moms, and my 'office' smells of lillies all the time. It's pretty great. And I get to watch people come in and play with all the fun toys we have. I help people put together fun gifts, consisting of things like fake mustaches, flasks, pirate eye patches, etc, etc. Also bags of cowgirl goodies. People I know come in and I show them all the things I think they should buy. And I get to meet new people and talk to strangers that I don't know. I LOVE IT! So, come buy some stuff from me_tues & thurs 5-8, sat 3-8. 1227 Moro, Aggieville! Here's my idea for a marketing slogan_
Good boyfriends buy flowers at ACME gift!

Oh, and if you pray, please pray for those in the South who are suffering from the hurricane.